How Do You Find a Spiritual Hero?

"Joy and suffering are completely compatible. Joy and bitterness are not. When you do God's will, his way, you will never lack his provision."

It's a blast worshipping God in the house with 17,000 other people! Even better is sitting next to Ethan, one of our new Christian Chinese scholars singing his lungs out to Jesus with the rest. I love watching this guy grow! I got to see Ethan baptized just a few weeks ago at Christ Community. Tonight I got to sit next to him as we listened to Patrick Fung. Patrick tells his story about leaving his dreams for practicing medicine in home country of China, to be a medical missionary in Pakistan. He and his wife (both physicians) decided to save several years of their earnings and gave it to their parents as a way of honoring them.

Ethan is a medical researcher here from China working on post-doctoral research at UNMC. I can tell by sitting next to him, that Patrick's message of willingness to risk and bold faith in God's provision is striking a chord in Ethan. Ethan is getting to see a real giant of faith in Patrick Fung - someone who shares his culture and medical background. Someone who took courageous steps to give his medicine to the mission of Jesus. Pray for Ethan. Pray for Li Qian. Pray for Phil and Kaytie and Lydia and Mackinzie. God is stirring the hearts of these talented, young lives. Pray that God will fill them with vision and passion for his kingdom. Pray that this week will be a pivot point in the direction of their lives.

Check out Patrick Fung's bio on the Urbana web-site.