Christmas Eve devotional

Hey CCC family-

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.... OK, not really frightful, but a bit blustery.

As I write this at noon on Christmas Eve, we are still planning to have our Christmas eve services at 4 and 6 PM. The 8 PM services are cancelled. It looks like the roads will be driveable for most people through the early evening. We will look forward to keeping Jesus front and center as we worship him this Christmas Eve! He is the reason we celebrate. So we will gather to honor him.

We do value your safety. And we know that people in our congregation have different 'weather threshholds' dependent on any number of factors: what type of car you have, life stage, and whether you grew up in Arizona or Minnesota. For some it may not be wise to venture out.

If you are unable to come, let me encourage you to gather around your Bible and have a worship service of your own. No, I am not asking the tone-deaf to sing solos, but I would recommend that you grab a Bible and a cup of hot chocolate and celebrate the birth of Jesus with loved ones.

I have written a devotional guide for those who cannot make services tonight. Feel free to use it to stimulate discussion about Jesus. And if I don't see you in person, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Our savior is born!

An Alternative Christmas Eve Devotion

Step 1 Make Hot Chocolate and gather your family around the fireplace, kitchen table, or another favorite spot in the house.

Step 2 Discuss this question - What is the best sunrise you have ever seen? Describe the emotion that takes place when a person sees a great sunrise.

Step 3 Have someone read Isaiah 9:2-7 (Page 489 in your CCC Bible....ha! :) This is a prophecy of Isaiah from 600 BC regarding the coming of the Messiah.

Step 4 Discuss the passage. Have one person read these questions and everybody answer. (May need to be modified for age-appropriateness.)

What is the metaphor used in verse 2? How does this relate to your experience with sunrises?

In verses 3-5 there are many ways the joy-factor of the new dawn is discussed. Name each of them and why they might be good news.

In verses 6-7, the reason for rejoicing is explained. "A Child is Born." What are the characteristics of this child? Each person mention just one as you go around the room.

Step 5 As a family, discuss one characteristic (v. 6-7) about this child that that makes you rejoice (v3-5) as you look back on 2009.

Step 6 Have someone read Luke 2:1-20 for the entire family.

Step 7 Lead the family in prayer - thanking God for the amazing gift of Jesus and that the light of Christ will be strong in your home in 2010.