Jesus Class is Coming!

Let me give you 111 reasons I'm stoked about Jesus Class.

For starters there are exactly 100 people who attended last weekend's Case for Christmas who indicated on their follow-up card they are interested in The Jesus Class. This week we're busily making connections with them and helping them get signed up.

Second of all I'm thrilled with the fact that there are 10 Jesus Class teachers currently meeting and getting ready to teach TJC (The Jesus Class) starting Jan 10th. Each venuue, 9am at Old Mill, 10:45 at Old Mill and 10:45 at Sarpy, will have more than one teacher during the 8 week TJC experience.

Last... and most thrilling, TJC offers 1 fascinating subject: the life, teachings and actions of Jesus. See some of my previous Jesus Class posts. Here's more info on what its all about:

TJC - The Biography of Jesus According to the Gospel of Mark

An Eight-Week experience looking at the life and teachings of Jesus. Class participants will read Mark's account of Jesus in manuscript format.

Class time will be divided between small group interaction and whole group dialogue with the class teacher. There will be lots of opportunity for question and answer each week. Seekers, people new in their faith and life-long followers of Jesus will all enjoy the interaction.

Participants will receive a complete, 3-ring bound manuscript of Mark's gospel, informative handouts and a package of color pencils! Homework assignments and personal application will stimulate learning outside the classroom.

There will be a $10 fee for materials – pay when you show up at class!

Hit this link to register for TJC.