Eye-witness, Early, Earmarks

What a great weekend at CCC with Lee Strobel! Here's a few stats from the weekend you might find interesting and encouraging.

Lee Strobel: The Case for Christmas

7 services starting with over 800 people on Saturday night... and ending with 220 people at Gathering Sunday afternoon!
Total weekend attendance 4,625
119 people indicating that they prayed with lee to receive Christ.
Nearly 100 people interested in the Jesus Class! See my next post on that...

I love how concisely Lee can package his message. Here's the quick take if you missed it. Also, catch Lee's talk on our media page.

Are you a shepherd or a wise-man in your approach to the Christ child? The shepherds "when and investigated everything when they heard the news." This was Lee Strobel's experience as he investigated his way out of his atheism into the arms of Jesus. The wise-men where those already convinced of the significance of Jesus - showing up already prepared to shower Jesus with gifts and praise.

Three Es...

1- Eye-witness evidence points to the credibility of an event. The consistency of the eye-witness reports of the life, teachings, miracles, death and resurrection of Jesus holds up to rigorous scrutiny.

2- The historical evidence of Jesus' life originates via the gospel writings. The gospel records we have available to us in manuscript form are amazingly consistent with each other and date to a time relatively near the events they report.

3- The ear-marks of authenticity point to the credibility of the New Testament documents. When one considers "the criterion of embarrassment" the New Testament documents themselves don't seem like legendary hype invented to propagate a new religious movement. They contain the fingerprints of real human characters doing things that are recording in all their rustic details (warts and all) and not at all like a myth with idealized characters.

Give Lee's talk a listen and swat the link on to a friend you think would find it interesting. Consider checking out the biographical evidence we find in the New Testament for yourself by grabbing a Bible and reading Mark's Gospel.