Single Mom's Appreciation

Dear Mark,

First I want to apologize for not writing and sending this sooner. But to be honest, I have been thinking a lot about what you did for the single mothers at church last Sunday and I just couldn't figure out the right words to tell you how much I appreciate and admire what you did. I was one of the single moms who went up to the front. The things that you said to us were so thoughtful and true. We all have a story and while our stories are different, they are also similar. But one thing is for sure, our focus is and always will be our children. I heard one of the single moms who was standing by me say that she had just prayed the night before about how she was going to be able to provide gifts for her children at Christmas. What you did was amazing and a "Thank you" isn't enough and that is why I have been struggling with the words to show you what an impression you made on everyone in church that day.

My boys and I are new to Christ Community. We started coming to CCC in May 2009. On our very first visit, it felt like "home". It was awesome how quick I knew that we were in the right place. I completed the PreMembership class and met several people from CCC who I continue to be good friends with. I was then invited to participate in the Point of Hope group for single moms. That has been such a wonderful experience. I can't say enough about the family I feel apart of at CCC. I am excited about how much I have grown spiritually in the last 7 months.

While I would like to give you a lot of credit for last Sunday, I cannot close this without mentioning the members of the audience that morning. The generosity that they showed is overwhelming. I made it a point to hug each and every person that came to support me. I hugged them and told them "Thank You" and I hope they know how much they changed my life.

I wanted to send you a picture of my boys so that you had a face to put with your message that day.

Please feel free to post this email and/or the pictures where ever you would like. And again, Thank you!

Kelly Randels