Is the CCC Missions Catalog touching real people?

I've been wondering to myself how the people at CCC would respond to the new Missions Catalog we released on November 22nd. Will we raise all the money that each field is hoping for? Will our people sacrifice above and beyond their normal giving? Will this catalog be the beginning of something great? Will real people be impacted by our sacrificial giving?

We'll have to wait for the answers to most of these questions, but I am confident I know the answer to that last question. The answer is "Yes, real people will have their lives impacted by our sacrificial giving."

I know each of the 5 fields we chose for this first catalog are very excited and very hopeful that their projects will receive funding. You see, the money you give to this will not just go into some black hole never to be seen again. And none of the money you give will be going to administrative overhead. This money will go right to the mission fields to fund the projects listed in the catalog. Real people will benefit! Real people will be impacted for the Kingdom.

Let me give you just one example about how one of these items will be used. Its item #13, a $35 food box, listed on page 7. This isn't just a box of food given to the poor with a handshake and a hug. This box of food is used to build relationships and reach out to Jordanian people with the love of Jesus right at their homes. You see many people visit the medical clinic at the Amman Community Center and most of them are desperately poor. So our brothers and sisters at the Alliance national church who assist at the medical clinic will take food boxes right to the homes of those that are the poorest. This outpouring of love is vital to build relationships and be a light for Jesus Christ.

Our workers on each field chose the items for this catalog very carefully. They chose items that will serve as an important part of their ministries. So be assured, when you give your gift for this Missions Catalog, this money is being well spent and impacting the lives of real people.

UncategorizedCraig Walter