One single Mom

Here is a note from one of the Moms that was blessed on Sunday. She gave permission to share it with you all!

Hi Mark – my name is Heidi and I am one of the single Moms from the 9:00AM Access service this morning. First of all, I came to church this morning needing something and boy did I get it! What I needed was confirmation from God that I am doing a good job keeping it all together…for my 8 year old son, Nicholas; for my 5 year old triplet nieces (who I am fostering while my brother and his wife get their acts together); and for me… What I got today was unconditional love, support, encouragement and money from complete strangers. I have never felt so moved in my life – well maybe when my son was born. :-) I wish I knew the name of every person who came forward this morning so I could thank them and hug them one more time.

Something happened this morning with the chain of events. There was a reason that I came to church praying for peace, strength and guidance in my life; a reason your message changed; a reason that the Sunday school teacher brought Nick down to Access to me saying he wasn’t feeling well so he could witness the kindness of complete strangers; a reason that I had the courage to acknowledge to the entire congregation that I am a single Mom and walk to the front of the group this morning. What you did this morning touched me more than you will ever know and I wanted to let you know that – I will never forget today.