This is Church!

This was a cool Sunday. People went out caroling to Seniors at retirement villages. The choir is preparing for a great outreach. The Lee Strobel event was announced. People asked tough questions at gathering. The connections service brought in massive amounts of gifts for Compass. The Access services saw lots of single moms have their financial prayers answered. This is the church. This is what we should be doing.

If you weren't in Access, God prompted me to suspend the message...and invite single moms to come to the front. We prayed for them and then I invited people to come forward to just give them organization, just give some dough to whomever God leads you to. And a few checks came as well. The women faced the crowd and tears welled up in their eyes. You could tell that they needed it and felt a touch from God through the body of Christ.

The givers were blessed too. Lots of tears throughout the gym. God was at work!

Here are some of the cool stories:
* A thirteen year old girl had recieved $100 from grandparents to spend on Christmas presents. At 10:45 she decided to pull it out and give it all to a single mom.
* A mom came up to me after the services with her three daughters. One of the daughters spouted out "one guy gave my mom a check for $1000!
* One single mom was facing legal challenges and immigration issues as well as normal single mom issues. God had provided for her a car and housing already this week and she was praying for $ for legal fees. God took care of her Sunday morning!

Do you have any other stories of praise to share? Feel free to post them anonymously (like the ones I wrote above) in response to this blog!