Bring it Lee!

I always looked forward to hearing Lee. During my seven years at Willow, there was a great lineup of outstanding speakers from around the nation, but I always looked forward to hearing the home-grown, hilarious, intelligent insider - Lee Strobel.

Since his time in the early 80's as an atheist, a skeptic, and the Legal Affairs editor for the Chicago Tribune, Lee has come a long way. First, a communications staff at Willow Creek. Then a teaching pastor. Now a world-renown author, researcher, and teacher. He is among the most sought-after speakers on the planet....and he is coming to Christ Community Church.

I want to plan to be here at Old Mill for a special service on Saturday, December 12, at 6pm or Sunday December 13 at 9 and 10:45. (Sarpy will be on the SAME Sunday schedule as Old Mill that week.)

But when you come, don't come alone. Come with a skeptical/seeking friend.

The bonus of this event is that Lee will be available for Q and A after second service at our 'Gathering' venue - 12:30 in the CCC student center. Bring your tough questions! Nothing out of bounds!

The other day, I was in the locker room at our fitness club and struck up a conversation with a guy I did not know and a guy from CCC. When conversation turned to spiritual things, we invited him to hear Lee Strobel. He said "I know that name...did he write a book?...did he write this book?" and he pulled out a copy of "The Case for Christ" from his gym bag. I don't totally know where he is spiritually, but I know he's coming to hear Lee Strobel on the 13th!

This is an opportunity that does not come around often. Lee's reputation makes invites easy. You can count on the message being excellent. Make the invitation! Lee will be speaking about Jesus in a message entitled "The Case for Christmas." You can pick up invitation cards at the church, or send an evite from our website.