Silence is Golden?

Earlier this week I blogged on an Newsweek article about silence. The article explains that C.S. Lewis mentions in his book, "The Screwtape Letters," that he envisions hell as a very, very noisy place and that the Devil dests music and silence.

In the Middle Ages, Christian scholars believed that Satan did not want human beings to be alone with God, or with each other, fully alert and listening.

I was intrigued with that statement. I decided to not listen to the radio or music while in the car. I also committed to not listening to my iPod Nano while working out or watching TV while on an elliptical or arc trainer.

Three days into far so good. Weird, but good.

With that little bit of silence or escape from noise I've discovered I am thinking more, thinking more of other people, singing or humming songs from Sunday and planning more. In my commute, I'm also hearing a variety of noises I never heard before. I've heard the sounds of other cars, the rattles and creaks of my '97 Honda Accord, how the road makes different sounds depending on the lane or type of road.

How about you? Do you have moments of silence to flow over you during the day? Time to just sit and think or observe life, without noise washing over you?

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