Predicting Jesus

Wanted to put a word for Gathering this weekend. This three-week series will be an exploration in the world of Old Testament Prophets. John Holmes will take us inside the mind of God's special spokesmen from antiquity whose message spoke boldly to their own world as well as the future. Here are some of the questions John will be addressing:

Why are there prophets in the Bible, and how did God speak to Israel through them?
Where did they come from (they weren't priests, they weren't kings)?
Where women prophets legitimate in the life of God's people?
How did God speak to the prophet?
What happened to the prophet if what they said did not come true?
Where they listened to?
Why did so many of them meet an unfortunate end?

Come on out and bring your questions as well! Keep in mind what the schedule will be for this series. We're on this weekend - John Holmes. We're off next weekend (Thanksgiving Weekend). And then we'll be back on for two more weeks!