December Outreach Run

December is a month when all of our culture remembers the manger. Sure, it is often disguised as commercialism, TV specials and gaudy decorations, but the origin of it all is the baby in Bethlehem. As such, it is the perfect time to be reaching out in love and with the message of Jesus. It is our best time of year to include friends in our circles of influence and take the practical love and generostiy of Christ to a needy world.

Here are some great opportunities:

1) Operation Angel Tree - buy gifts for kids whose parents are incarcerated and might not have gifts under their tree. Details in the Atrium.

2) Christmas Caroling in Nursing Homes - Join one of many groups spending time with Seniors who can feel especially lonely this time of year. Worship leaders can tell you the details.

3) Ministry options - From filling shoeboxes of goodies for kids in Uganda to buying food for Omaha families in need, different ministries in the church are taking initiative to share God's love. Check with your ministry leader for details.

4) Morning in Bethlehem - December 12, at CCC - Families with preschoolers will love the opportunity for a morning of interactive storytelling, crafts, and family-oriented experiences to remember Jesus as the center of Christmas.

5) Lee Strobel - Bestselling Author, Journalist, Amazing Speaker will be speaking at CCC December 12 for a special Saturday Service and then at both Sunday morning services on the 13th. Sarpy will be having Lee via video the same day! He will be speaking on the Case for Christmas in a service that will be optimal for newcomers.

6) Choir Outreach - The Choir will be presenting a powerful performance called "The King" - Saturday December 19 in the evening and Sunday December 20 during services in the Worship Center only.

7) Christmas Eve - Everybody goes to church on Christmas eve, right? Bring your friends to this fantastic night of singing carols and looking to the manger for the power, hope and love of God-who-became-human.

8) Birthday Parties for Jesus. If you have kids, consider having a birthday party for Jesus. It is a simple way to gather kids in your neighborhood together for fun and an opportunity to tell the REAL christmas story. Check it out at the kids ministry booths in the Atrium.

This year, consider how you might impact your family, friends, coworkers or neighbors! Be intentional about using your life for Christ in December!