Random thoughts

Its been a busy week with a two day district denominational meeting and working on a message for Sunday and a wedding Sunday afternoon. However, I do have some random thoughts from this week.....

1. I'm preaching this Sunday on how David in II Samuel 16 handled criticism. Because of my reading and studying, I am wondering if our society is increasingly becoming a critical society or if there is more freedom and opportunities to express our opinion. You can email me at: stevew@cccomaha.org or go to my Facebook page to wade in with your opinion.

2. I stood in front of a couple bathroom sinks this week waiting for the water to turn on automatically.

3. I have stood in front of a couple paper towel dispensers waiting for a towel to appear.

4. I love having the opportunity to preach - its just the time and effort for me [I'm not saying I'm slow, but I'm not that brilliant either] to hear what God wants me to say and put it in a logical, understandable way.

5. I love doing weddings. I get to officiate on Offutt AFB for a couple with one who is in mid-60's and the other is in early-70's. What a privilege and celebration!

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