So, I was working out this week and I was recognized by a middle aged lady on the rowing machine next to me. Leading a big church in a mid-sized city, this is not abnormal. What was abnormal was who I was recognized as...follow the dialogue.

Row lady: I know you from somewhere.
Me: Oh yeah? Where might that be?
Row lady: Maybe from politics, maybe TV
Me: Maybe church?
Row lady: Funny. No, I am serious...wait! Wait! I know it you''re Castle from that TV show on Mondays.

The moment was too irresistable.

Me: Shoot, I thought I could be anonymous in Omaha.
Row Lady: No way, I definitely recognize you.
Me: Yah, well, I kinda get tired of I fly here every few days to experience middle america again.
Row Lady: Omaha is a great place to get away from the lights.

Soon, guilt overtook me.

Me: I can't keep this up. I am really not Castle.
Row Lady: Sure, and I'm Hillary Clinton.
Me: Really, I'm not even an actor. I am a I should'nt even be lying (forced laugh).
Row Lady: You're as funny in person as you are on TV. See you on Monday nights! or Maybe next week!

So here are some pictures of Castle...See any resemblance?