Cal Thomas

Influence. Everybody has influence. Some have more and some less, but God has given each of you the opportunity to be an influence. Will you use it to build bridges or walls? Will you help people to move toward the truth? Toward God?

I am so glad that in just a couple of days, Cal Thomas will be here to help us wrestle through those questions. Cal Thomas is an opinions writer for 550+ newspapers worldwide. Mr. Thomas also is frequent commentator on Fox News. He has written ten books on a variety of subject matters. Most importantly, Cal Thomas is a child of God - a passionate follower of Jesus.

He has had a dramatic influence on the world of media, on his family and his friends. Check out the video from CBN on our website about how Cal reached out to a fellow member of the media in his darkest hour to reach him for Christ.

Influence is a precious commodity and Cal Thomas has learned much over the years as to how influence can be used. From his work with NBC, to the Moral Majority, to Newspapers across America. He is going to be here on Sunday November 8 at 6:30 p.m. , to help us, to wrestle with how to work alongside those with whom we disagree, reach our neighbor with the love of Christ and stand for truth even when it is hard.

Mark your calendar and plan to bring a friend who loves the news to hear Cal Thomas in person!