What is important in life?

The same day that my oldest daughter was married I read in the October 24th Omaha World Hearld some interesting "information."

Now, you may be wondering how could I read the paper on the day Bethany was to get married? Easy. I'm the FOB [Father of the Bride] whose job is to put on a tux, show up for pictures and walk down the aisle with, if I might say, the lovely bride. I'm there for moral support and to stay out of the way. I did both and had time to read the paper that morning.

I digress.

On the opinion page there was an article about "wackiest places to visit" in this wonderful nation. I was relieved to know that Nebraska's own Carhenge near Alliance was second place.

First place was the Toilet Seat Museum in Texas, honorable mention Pez Memorabilia display in California, and the tension between who has the biggest ball of twine. Darwin, Minnesota has a 12 feet in diameter and 17,400 pound ball, yet in Cawker City, Kansas there is a ball of twin weighing 17,980 pounds and 40 feet in circumference. I sense a conflict.

I tell you of the wacky tourist spots and twine ball wars article because I realized in an amazing way what is truly newsworthy. Love and family.

We had a wonderful weekend with family and friends seeing Bethany and Jared marry. A couple that obviously love God and each other very much. Where two families are now in-laws to each other and where the parents are happily married to their "original" spouse.

As I stood up at the reception to thank people for attending, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and was humbled to think that people from around the nation came to celebrate this wedding.

I wish there was more attention to weddings and marriages than toilet seats and twine.

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