Great response from Message

Here is an email I got from a family that came on Sunday! Great story about a girl who is not ashamed!

Dear Mark,
I wanted to tell you a story regarding your last sermon that I think will warm your heart. My 13 year old daughter, Aleesha was in Access this last Sunday for service. One thing you said during the sermom really spoke to her heart " Sin always costs more than it's worth" She wanted to write it down and lacking paper took the next best thing - her arm - because that's the perfect place to write things down so you won't forget! She left it there, and went to school with short sleeves on Monday. One of her teachers saw the writting on her arm and became very upset that she would write on her arm, not stopping to ask her what it was she sent my daughter to the nurses office to wash it off. Aleesha complied and began to scrub and scrub, till her arm was beat red. The ink would not budge. The nurse finally stopped her out of concern for her arm. My daughter then said to me "it just proved to me that you can't wash away the Truth! It's like it's a part of me forever now!" My daughter is sometimes wise beyond her years. I do believe the ink will fade, but the words now never will.
Thank You!
Shawn Liu