Extreme Makeover

There is one show on TV that is a guaranteed cry every week. Extrememe Makeover Home Edition. But the emotion is not the only reason to love the show. Ty is an amazing leader, spokesperson, cheerleader, bleeding heart. Lives are totally changed when they encounter the big 'ol bus. It is amazing to see the community come together for a week to be all about the transformation of a single family.

It is also a brilliant picture of redemption. They take a family that is in chaos. From one angle or another, they have been a victim of sin and evil in this world. The stories of diseasses, sickness, tragedy, poverty, fires, economic disaster etc. are heartwrenching. But Ty swoops in with his megaphone and brings hope. Then he brings resources. The generosity of the community pours in and ba-da-bing, 7 days later you have a dream home. Often times you throw in the bonus of an old mortgage being paid, a college education set up, a visit from a celebrity or a really cool three-story doghouse in the backyard. Everybody watching cries - because we know that there is something beautiful and good and life-giving in these moment.

This is what God does with our lives. When we were all a wreck, he swoops in with Jesus and a megaphone giving us words of hope. Then he pours out the resources of the Holy Spirit, and the community of the church, and joy. There is a guarantee of a great big mansion that we will live in for eternity, with the ultimate joy of the knowledge of God himself, community that is pure AND the power of sin and death being eliminated. WOW! And everybody cries...but only for a moment. Because he will wipe every tear from our eyes and there will be no more crying or death or mourning or pain.

Extreme Makeover is coming to Nebraska. You can submit names of worthy families this week at castnebraska@gmail.com. Include name, ages of kids, situation etc. If you know somebody worthy of this redemption, submit names by Friday.

The Kingdom of God is coming to Nebraska too. This week and every week. You are a key player. You bring words of hope, you bring kingdom resources. You bring the perspective of truth. You bring vibrant community. Be the kingdom for somebody... and everyone will cry...but only for a moment.