Halloween - 2 - Rumors

Bob and Gretchen Passantino have some great comments on their CRI website about Halloween. They list these unfounded rumors about Halloween...

* It is not true that Halloween is the most important holiday for contemporary Satanists. Their favorite day: Their OWN birthday! It makes sense with their narcissistic sensibilities.

* The actual incidence of Satanic related activity on Halloween is very low. Most crime is petty misdemeanors and vandalism by minors.

* It is not true that Satanists look for "Christian Virgins" to rape on Halloween. Our bigger dangers for our daughters would include being hit by a drunk driver, drug use, or a party that gets out of hand.

* It is not true that the sabatoging or poisoning of halloween treats is a signficant risk if parents take reasonable precautions. Stay in your neighborhood. Only accept pre-wrapped sealed treats. Check all candy when your kids get home.

The Passantino's full article is available at: www.answers.org/issues/halloween.html