Cool Bible Resource

There are two Bible resources that every Bible Student should not be without. The first is a great Bible Dictionary. I like the New Bible Dictionary, published by IVP. I use it at least weekly. The other is a great study Bible.

For more than ten years I have faithfully used my NIV Study Bible. I love this Bible. The scholarship, integrity, cross references, study notes etc. are phenomenal. However, I always thought that they could take it up a few notches with more maps, color graphics, charts, and better readability.

Well, enter the ESV study Bible. It is the first Study Bible that surpasses the NIV Study Bible in it's helpfulness. When you are separated from a document by thousands of years and thousands of miles, the historical notes, 200 maps, 200 charts and timelines are of immense value. The ESV (English Standard Version) is a highly readable translation done by committees of excellent scholars on the cutting edge of Bible Scholarship.

Not only is the Bible a notch up, but the internet resources that come with it are amazing. You can do searches, keep personal notes, and you can follow all of the maps, charts, and timelines with interactive links. You can double the value of your study time by avoiding page-flipping.

Anyway, this is not a paid endorsement. I even think that the publisher, Crossway, is a non-profit publisher. I just got real excited this week when I got this Bible and wanted y'all to know about it! If you're in Omaha, you can pick one up at parables. More info about the ESV Study Bible can be found at