Moses and Superman

I came across an interesting article yesterday at entitled, "How Moses Shaped America." Bruce Feiler wrote a well balanced perspective on how through American history Moses has been an inspiration and example to many of our leaders.

Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams proposed that the seal for the United States be of Moses leading the Israelites through the Red Sea as the water overwhelms the pharaoh. Abraham Lincoln found reason to highlight the accomplishments of Moses as he spoke at Gettysburg. Barack Obama declared his candidacy for President while referring to Moses leading people out of bondage into freedom.

I like that thinking, but came across a paragraph in the article that gave me pause.

"With the rise of secularism and the declining influence of the Bible in the 20th century, Moses might have melted away as a role model. But something curious happened. He was so identified as a hero of the American Dream that he superseded Scripture and entered the realm of popular culture, from novels to television. Superman was modeled partly on Moses. The comic-book hero's creators, two bookish Jews from Cleveland named Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, drew their character's back story from the superhero of the Torah. Just as baby Moses is floated down the Nile in a basket to escape annihilation, baby Superman is launched into space in a rocket ship to avoid extinction. Just as Moses is raised in an alien world before being summoned to liberate Israel, Superman is raised in an alien environment before being called to assist humanity."

Maybe you view Moses as Charleston Heston in Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments.
Personally, I see a average man who with all his foibles, faults and problems - was used by God all the while "he was more humble than any man who was on the face of the earth." [Numbers 12.3]

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