Short-Term Mission Trip to Koutiala, Mali (Feb 2010)

Our vision here at CCC is built around the idea of Double Your Impact. The best way for this to happen is for each individual person to double their impact in their community and around the world. I can't think of any greater opportunity to Double Your Impact than to dedicate two weeks of your life to serving those in need in Africa.

CCC has invested a great deal of time, energy, and resources into building a hospital in a remote part of Mali called Koutiala. If you have been at CCC for very long you have no doubt heard about the amazingly positive impact this hospital has had on the birth rate in Mali over the last few years and the number of mothers who are enjoying life with their newborns.

CCC will continue our investment in this great work by sending another team of Construction workers and Medical personnel next February.

The Construction Team will continue work on the hospital as the second and third buildings are scheduled to be completed in 2010. These buildings are critical to the long-term strategy and the workers we send are vital. We are looking to send 6 to 9 consturction workers. You do not have to be an experienced construction worker to be on this team, you simply have to be willing to work.

The Medical Team will provide medical care at the hospital to patients in need. We are looking to send 1 or 2 Doctors with expertise in OB/Gyn, Surgery, or some other specialty. We can also use 1 or 2 Nurses with specialties in OB, NICU, or the OR. If you are a Doctor or Nurse but you are unsure if your skills meet the needs, please contact us and we can check with our workers in Mali.

Here is the key information you need to know about this trip:

Date: Feb 15 - 28
Cost: $2,600
Leader: Steve Bakunas (led our previous Mali team)

If you would like to speak with me about this trip please feel free to call me on my office phone at 402.938.1575 or send me an email at

If you would like to get started by filling out an application you can get this from: (this is a Word document) (this is a PDF document)

You probably have more questions about this trip so I have tried to provide some answers to common questions below.

Why does CCC send short-term teams to Mali? CCC has had a tremendous investment of time, talent and treasure at the hospital in Koutiala over the last three years. We desire to finish this project well and continue to serve their needs.

Do I have to have a construction background to be on the construction team? No. The construction is light to medium construction and there is work for all levels of experience. However, if you have construction experience your expertise will serve you well on this trip.

What kind of Doctors are needed? The greatest need is for OB/GYN's or Surgeon's, but other specialties are also needed. If you are a doctor, we will verify with our missionaries in Mali to make sure they have need of your specific skills. Anesthesiologists are also needed.
What kind of Nurses are needed? Nurses specializing in OB, NICU, or the OR are the primary need.
Is there training required before going on the trip? Yes. Your team will get together on multiple occasions to learn about the culture, discussing fundraising, pray together, and prepare both physically and spiritually for the trip.
How will I raise the necessary money needed for this trip? During training we will teach you how to send out support letters and provide you with effective examples of what others have done. Raising support is part of the faith journey for any short-term mission trip.
Since this trip is to Africa will I have to get shots? Yes. A Yellow-Fever shot is required. Malaria and Cholera shots are optional but recommended.
How do I apply for this team? You can either contact me (Craig Walter) and I will get you an application, or you can click on the Word or PDF application links that are mentioned earlier in this blog.
When do I have to have my application turned in? The sooner the better. We hope to have participants of this team determined by early November, 2009.