Hey gang,

I just had to be sure you knew about Accelerate 2009, this fall's only whole-church developmental seminar designed to help leaders/servants of CCC double their impact.

So what in the world are we accelerating? October 9 - 10 we are accelerating your potential as a leader or servant for Christ. We are accelerating CCC's potential as a church to double the impact. We are accelerating clarity of vision and intensity of community. We are accelerating ownership of the church among the broadest audience.

Friday night at 7 PM, Accelerate will kick off with a double-your-impact story and inspirational message from Rev. Dennis Episcopo, Senior Pastor of the exhilarating Appleton Alliance Church. Appleton Alliance is one of the great up-and-coming churches in the C&MA; God is doing an amazing work there.

Saturday morning, we'll have time to catch the latest at CCC, build up some tools for ministry and participate in some great workshops designed to accelerate your connection to Christ and your ability to serve Him in your gifts. It will all be done by noon, but the effects could last into eternity.

Accelerate has no cost, there's no signup necessary and we'll see you there!