The Gospel of the Kingdom - G. E. Ladd

A great read I'd highly recommend for understanding Eschatology. He develops a theology of the Kingdom from a historic, pre-millennial perspective. Here's a summary of chapter one: What is the Kingdom of God?

1 - A present Spiritual Reality.
2 - What people experience when they give their lives to the rule of the Spirit.
3 - An inheritance that God will fully give his people at a point in the future.
4 - A realm of power or dominion into which true followers of Jesus have entered.
5 - Anywhere the king is present and his subjects recognize his authority.
6 - An inner redemptive blessing experienced only by spiritual re-birth.
7 - The rule of God.

Why is the kingdom so important? In order to understand how and why God will bring the present age to a close, one has to have some starting point of what the rule of God in our world is like. The apocalypse is all about the handing over of this age to the next by the power of God on his time-table. It really should be thought of as the in-breaking from the future into our world as we know it now in order to fulfill the plan of God.

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