Can non-Christians hear from God?

I'll never forget my neighbor Tim asking me this question through the rolled down window of his black pickup truck in front of my house at 441 Candlewood Ct. He was not a Christian, but God was at work in his life in a big way. We had hundreds of spiritual conversations, and Tim always wanted to know what the Bible said about life-issues like this one. So what is the answer? In short, the answer is "Yes". He does it in the 21st century, and he did it in the Bible. Here are some examples:

1) The classic example is that of Saul/Paul in Acts 9 (and 26). Paul was an enemy of Christ and even got knocked off of his horse with a voice from heaven.
2) King Nebuchadnezzar heard from God in dramatic ways throughout the book of Daniel, especially chapter 4.
3) King Belteshazzar literally saw the handwriting on the wall in Daniel 5.
4) All twelve of the disciples were non-Christians when they were called by Christ.
5) Every person who hears the good news of Jesus is hearing God's message (although indirectly) from one of God's messenger
6) You could easily make an argument that every person hears the call of God before he/she turns to God and comes to faith. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to become a Christian unless God is communicating somehow.

God certainly speaks to those who are listening. Somebody who is not a Christian, but has an open heart toward God has a chance of hearing. It is very possible, very real, and can change your life if you listen!