Hearing from God

Are you trying to make a hard decision? Trying to discern what God might have for you in your life? Trying to live for him, willing to do anything, but wanting to hear from God to know just what to do? Yesterday, I talked about hearing from God. It was a contrast of Saul's spiritual deafness with David's keen hearing - primarily from 1 Samuel 23 (who ever studies that?) Saul engaged in a downward spiral of deafness - from anointed man of God, to tone deafness, to hard of hearing to stone-deaf. What was the difference between his life and David's in terms of their engagement with God? Here is a bullet-point review for those who were there.If you were not there, you may want to catch the full version at http://vimeo.com/6820617.

How to go Spiritually deaf (like Saul)
1) Disobey God - I Sam 13 & 15
2) Cut off Godly influence - 1 Sam 22
3) Don't even ask God - 1 Sam 23
4) Confuse allies with enemies - 1 Sam 23 and Ephesians 4:30-31
5) Spiritualize Circumstances to your advantage 1 Sam 23
6) Mess with the dark side - 1 Sam 28

How to Hear God (like David)
1) Have a relationship with God - 1 Samuel 16- 2 Samuel (whole book)
2) Cultivate a rich Biblical literacy - Psalm 119, Psalms written by David
3) Seek Godly counsel - 1 Samuel 23: 3 and 16
4) Obey what you know - Bible and Promptings - 1 Samuel 23
5) Practice, Practice, Practice - Throughout 1 and 2 Samuel

A life of hearing from God is way, way better than one where we ask God to justify or bless our plans. He wants us to be integrated with his life and plans for this world. It is not always the safest way. It is never the easiest way. It is a life of risk and danger and adventure. But it is good because God is in control - why not take some time to step away from the computer and listen to him now?