This week, I have been on a listening tour- Six major stops so far. The idea is to simply listen to ideas, concerns, and questions of the congregation and build open doors of communication. So far it has been great. Lots of people love our church! One question has come up twice that has surprised me - and it might be of general interest, so I thought i would do a little blog about it. It relates to the CCC logo.

If you have not been around more than five years, you probably don't even remember the old Logo. It is a drawing of our most predominant architectural feature of the building at the old mill campus - our triumphant spire with the cross at the top. One person asked "Why did we feel the need to change the old logo?" There are at least four reasons that I can think of.

1) The logo looks dated to a former era, artistically and graphically.
2) The logo had fallen into general disuse.
3) The logo emphasized the idea that the church is a building. Biblically, the church is the people - as well as the movement and impact of those people.
4) The logo features the Old Mill Campus building. Now that we are a multisite church, we needed a logo that could be used anywhere.

The new logo (really about 6 months old now) features the name of our church and the three "C"s in concentric circles. Someone else wondered "What does this logo mean?"

1) The three C's stand for the three "Cs" of Christ Community Church.
2) The concentric circles simulate a ripple of water representing the flow of impact of one life/one church to broader and broader circles of influence.
3) The circles also remind us of Jesus final command to the church in Acts 1:8. "You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and even to the ends of the earth." Those three arenas are the concentric circles of impact that the church is to have - an immediate influence, a strong local influence, and a global influence. The book of Acts follows this pattern (chaper 1-7 in Jerusalem, 8 in Judea and Samaria, 9-28 to the ends of the earth!) Our dream is to have kingdom impact at the local church level, in our city and around the world. (Complicated, I know...but kinda cool I think!)

I am so grateful for the team that created this strong improvement for our church! It is good to be in a church that is full of excellent people of all kinds of gifts, using them for the sake of the kingdom. Yeah!