Last night, Kelle, Josiah and I went for a walk. Our District Superintendent (also my boss) Randy Burg, is a neighbor. His house is on a corner lot, making it easy to see in his first-floor sliding-glass back door. It was dark out, and I could see three of the Burgs in the kitchen just waiting for someone to sneak up and scare the B'jeebers out of them!

Josiah and I crept up behind the deck, stole silently across the wood, jumped at just the right moment and AAARGH! The Burgs just about jumped out of their skin...and I was rolling on the deck.

You see, that AAARGH was not just a scream of scariness, it was also a scream of pain as my knee crunched under my 6'3" frame. I rolled on the ground - laughing at the Burg's reaction and wallowing in pain.

Randy was quick to point out "Aaah, sin does have it's consequences!"