Leadership Challenges

I can't resist putting another quote out here from 'The Anointing'. The book looks at the anointing of God for leadership on Saul (Yesterday's leader), David (Tomorrow's Leader) and Samuel (Today's Leader) at the juncture of 1 Sam 16-30 when Saul is declining, David is waiting, and Samuel is taking a risk on David. No matter who you are, leadership is hard. Here's the Quote:

"I sometimes wonder which is more painful: being yesterday's man or woman, today's man or woman, or tomorrow's man or waoman. Yesterday's man endures the pain of irrelevance, having know hwat it was to be used of God. And yet if he thinks he is still under the same anointing he once had, he still suffers by knowing in his heart of hearts that he is struggling with great effort to convince himself and others that he is still on the cutting edge of what God is doing today.

"The pain of being tomorrow's man or waman is that you have to wiat -- sometime much longer than you thought. The preparation is hard, God having to mold and shape you for your usefulness at the proper time. "How long, O Lord?", you cry as David did (Ps. 13:1). We are never quite prepared for the rigid disciplining God puts us through for the calling He has destined for us.

"the pain of being today's man or woman largely comes from the degree of courage required with the job. We never feel up to it. "Who is up to equal to such a task?" (2 Cor 2:16)...God seems to love putting today's servant in the most awkward situations."