The Anointing

I have been reading an excellent book this week: The Anointing by R.T. Kendall. It has been a long time since a book has gone past my "intellectual learning mode" deep into my heart like this one. The book is about Samuel (Today's Leader), Saul (Yesterdays leader) and David (Tomorrow's leader) as their roles play out in 1 Samuel 16-30, 15 years when David is anointed, but not yet king. It is a powerful look at the concept of anointing and the fresh filling of the spirit.

Here's one great quote:

"Yesterday's man or woman is one whose loss of fresh anointing is not generally apparent. A has-been in God's sight, such a person thrives with their natural skills, grace-gifts, strong personality and influential platform, an leads many people. But God has secretly decided to pass the greater anointing to tomorrow's man or woman. It could happen to any of us; it need not happen to any of us. One of the reasons I wroth this ook is to issua warning to those of us in leadership that we must not take our anointing for granted. God is a jealous God."