Sovereignty "supremacy in rule or power"

I always have a hard time spelling 'sovereignty.' Seems like all the spelling rules I learned in grade school are either ignored or I didn't pay attention when those particular rules were taught.

Regardless, this past week I learned about planning versus sovereignty.

Each week I take time to lay out the upcoming week, putting down when I should work on a project, write, read, make calls, blog, etc.

This week I had laid out well. I had most of my projects slotted perfectly with the appropriate minutes or hours needed. didn't work out the way I had planned.

There were calls from people who had questions, problems and situations that needed dealt with. There were meetings that went long and projects that took longer than I had planned.

I heard a friend call the pastorate, " a ministry of interruptions." It is during those times that I remind myself of the soverignty of God and trust in His timing and schedule for my life.

I'm sure you too have experienced the same. Lots of planning and ideas and schedules that go by the wayside. May you have the perspective that your life is a "ministry of interruptions." Where God may be giving you an opportunity of ministry because of a phone call or a drop in visit.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways..." - Isaiah 55.8

On the journey,

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