Nothing to do in Omaha

Yesterday, I was on facebook and Jay Castillo (video stud from our comm. department) was looking for stuff to do in Omaha that has nothing to do with the Old Market or the Zoo. So I filled his page. Omaha is a great place to live...a hidden jewel of the midwest. Here is a more complete list from Kelle and me about what to do in Omaha do when you are bored!

  1. Paint your own pottery at "That Pottery Place" 78th and Dodge
  2. Go to the cool breakfast dive "Dixie Quicks" featured on diners, drive-ins and dives. Leavenworth near 19th St. Try Oatmeal with ice cream!
  3. Play Tennis at one of the gillion courts at the Koch Tennis center - 120th and Maple.
  4. Go south to the Strategic Air Command in Bellevue. See if you can catch a glimpse of a Stealth Bomber!
  5. Go bowling in the basement of Immaculate Conception Church - 2701 S. 25th St. You can rent 10 lanes for an hour for $75!
  6. Borrow a BMX bike and hit the coolest track this side of the Missouri. Hefflinger park - 112th and Maple
  7. Durham Muesum, bottom floor, coolest display on Omaha's history.
  8. Eat fried chicken and sweet potato ice cream at Big Mama's kitchen - also featured on Diners, Drive ins and Dives. 3323 N 45th St.
  9. Horseback Riding at Mahoney state park (or mini-golf, or wave-pool, or camping, or hiking).
  10. Engage in stimulating spiritual discussion with a Mormon at the Mormon Trail Center, 32nd and State.
  11. Go to 24th and L on a Friday night. Eat good Mexican food, watch low-rider cars.
  12. Take a bike tour of Zorinski. Three laps is 24 miles!
  13. Catch a movie at flimstreams, first run independent films and international fare 14th and Webster...then go for a walk through the Gallup campus and across the Bob Kerry Bridge. Avoid casinos.
  14. Take a drive to the Mid America motorplex in Pacific Junction IA. Catch a drag race! Root for Kent Lush if you can find him.
  15. In late June, College World Series at Rosenblatt Stadium.
  16. Thursday evenings June/July, go to Jazz on the Green - live free Jazz at the Joslyn art museum. 20th and Dodge.
  17. Heck, just go to the Joslyn art museum. From classic renaissance paintings and sculpture gardens to amazing blown-glass sculptures.
  18. Take a tour of the Hot-Shops and watch them blow glass - very cool...or hot! 13 and Nicholas, just north of Cuming/Nodo.
  19. In Sept/Oct, try Vallas pumpkin patch and watch the pig races. Cheer for Wilbur!
  20. Visit Amsterdam restaurant on 50th St. and eat curry fries or fries with Mayo...Dutch Style.
  21. Play ultimate Frisbee at Memorial Park. Dodge near 55th.
  22. Sachet on over to the Omaha Children's Museum (500 S. 20th St.) and work the giant ball machine.
  23. Go to Lake Zorinski Sunday afternoon at 3pm to watch kayak-water-polo.
  24. Go to Lake Zorinski at 6am weekdays. Crash the 'basic training' workout class.
  25. Drive down 72nd street from Dodge going south. Ask for a free sample at every restaurant you can find.
  26. In March, I think, road trip to Nebraska's Sand Hills to see the worlds largest migration of Sand-Hill Cranes. I hear its spectacular! Maybe next march!
  27. Go to Ted's at Dodge and 132nd. Eat Buffalo.
  28. Sneak to the top of the Woodman Tower. Throw watermelons, milk jugs, and gumball machines on the dock below. OK, don't REALLY do this, that would be vandalism! :(
  29. Eat the best appetizer in town - Lobster Queso dip at Firebirds at Village Point.
  30. Speaking of Village point, catch a free concert on Friday evenings when it is warm. Stop by the Apple store afterwards to mess with some IPhones.
  31. Bring wax paper and zoom down the mega slides in the Gene Leahy Mall - 11th and Douglas (does anybody else think this is an insurance nightmare?)
  32. Go to prospect hill cemetery - 33rd just South of Lake. Look for famous Omaha Names on headstones. Pay respects.
  33. Go to a Friday night High School football game. The Millard Stadium on Q Street is always packed. The Omaha South Stadium is brand new, down in a pit, and has just undergone a state-of-the-art 8 million dollar renovation.
  34. Golf at Indian Creek or Miracle Hill - Outstanding Public Golf at a reasonable price.
  35. Drive to Waverly (between Omaha and Lincoln) and look around for a while. You'll really appreciate what you've got in Omaha after seeing Waverly!
  36. Right near Mahoney State park, you can check out the Strategic Air and Space Museum OR the Lee Simmons Wildlife Safari Park....OOOHHH, do you think you'll see Lions? Nope...just a home where the Buffalo roam...and the deer and antelope play.
  37. If you want to drive an hour, pick apples at the orchards in Nebraska city, home of Arbor Day. Visit Arbor Tree Farm while you're there.
  38. Want to suggest more entries? Become my facebook friend and suggest some. Search for Mark AShton (yes, capitalize the S).
Who said there's nothing to do in Omaha?