It's been awhile

I have spent the last week thinking about college. My wife and I took our son Tony up to Crown College near Waconia, MN. It was an interesting week leading up to the journey north. We attempted to stock pile stuff that we/he thought we needed. Sometimes we differed on what was important. Bed sheets and towels weren't seen as important as cool pens, iPod gadgets, etc.
It was his money, but he does have enough bed sheet sets and towels as well as being fully equipped to do well in school.

Before I left for Minnesota I came across an article about Henry Kelly. After reading the article I knew I would comment via several blogs on his views on Satan.

Mr. Kelly is a UCLA English professor who spoke during a four day international Catholic biblical conference on the Creighton University Campus. His soap box was to argue for "an angel that popular culture incorrectly portrays as the pitchfork-toting emodiment of all evil." His talk was titled, "Lucifer: The Good, the Bad, and the Really Bad."

I need to reread the article so I can give some semi-intelligent thought and reaction to what he had to say.

Stay tuned.....

On the journey,
Steve Walters
CCC-Sarpy Campus Pastor