The Jesus Class - Starting This Tuesday Night!

This week we launch The Jesus Class here at the Old Mill Campus in FLC 154. For eight weeks, participants will gather and meet around tables to peer into the life of the world's greatest spiritual leader. Our text will not be a study guide, or a book about Jesus, or even a video series by a famous scholar or mega-church pastor. The text we're following is Mark's gospel in an unusual format.

You won't need your bibles. Hope that's OK. What you will get is a thing called a manuscript. The pic above gives you some idea of how we'll do this. Everyone attending will receive a complete text manuscript of Mark's gospel biography of Jesus. Each week, we'll dive straight into the world, words and actions of Jesus himself. We'll learn the story line of the Jesus scene by scene. Each week we'll read several pages, have lots of room for questions and first-hand observations. Jesus will come alive, jumping off the page saying and doing the most surprising things.

People who know Jesus well and people who are dying to meet him for real for the first time, will find the Jesus Class an equally rewarding experience. If you want to check it out for a week and see if it fits your interests, you're welcome to try it. If you have a seeking friend and would like to invite them along, you can have them join you at your table. If you've got questions just shoot me a comment and I'll contact you.