The Biography of Jesus

So if the best way for people to get introduced to Jesus is to let him speak for himself, what does that mean for people seeking spiritual truth? At a minimum it means getting Jesus himself in front of us as the subject. It means setting aside our theories about him and investigating the evidence for him. It means getting as close as we can humanly speaking to his words and actions. What did he tell people? What was their reaction? What decisions did he make about where he went, how he spent his time?

If Christians could show people THAT Jesus, we'd be so much more interesting to people curious about his life. People wouldn't hear our spin on Jesus. They'd hear Jesus himself! No hype. No exaggeration. Everything about him, not what us Christians think others would find interesting. You'd be surprised at how interesting it gets when people actually encounter the Jesus the reporters of his day wrote stories about.

That's what the power of a live story does! The biography of Jesus is nothing less than a running travelogue trying to keep up with the worlds most brilliant spiritual authority. That's what we're trying to capture with the Jesus Class that starts this week at CCC.