Stepping Out!

Yesterday, I talked to Linda and Tony. They owned the house that our Step Out team (also my journey group...) painted yesterday. Both have medical issues. They could not possible paint their own house. It had not been painted in ten years. It had never been anything but white. Linda said "I never thought our house would get repainted. I certainly never thought it could look this good."

Adam, and a team of singles from our Thursday night Bible Study went out twice before Step-out even happened. Once to scrape...once to prime...and finally with 45 others to paint the house. Neighbors came out to watch. One spent part of his afternoon helping. Another yelled out to us from her porch "tell Linda her house never looked better!"

Some may say it's just a paint job. But it is so much more. It is a living example of how community can come together to make a worthwhile effort happen. It is about how God cares for the least of these. It is about learning to serve with no expectation of payback. It is about becoming more like Jesus. It is about Kingdom impact.

1500 people from CCC on 45 projects. 6000 people from churches around the city on 150 sites. In an era where the government is raising taxes and cutting benefits, the church is still on the full force...serving people for free.

Way to go church! Keep on being the church!