Coming this Fall at CCC

Wow - what a weekend!  I had the opportunity to worship in all three venues at the Old Mill Campus this weekend, and I am here to say that God was present and pleased with what He saw.  Word on the street is that the Sarpy Campus experienced similar power.  What a feast of song and scripture across all CCC venues!

If that wasn't enough, 1500 people suited up in red shirts and invaded the city with the love and serving power of Jesus through Step Out and Serve, painting, landscaping, conversing, weeding, scraping, cleaning and loving our city.  I am so proud to be a part of a church that serves.  Kudos to the bridge team for leading and creating tracks for the entire church to run on. Once again, I am confident that God was pleased with what He saw as His kids served their city with Jesus' love.  Way to be the church!

"So," you might ask, "what are we going to do next week?"  Well, the answer is that next week all kinds of things launch.  Kids Connect and youth ministries start, New Community Groups get into full swing, Journey Groups launch and a brand new in-depth Bible study of Jesus begins on Tuesday nights.

But the big news is that for twelve weeks, beginning this Sunday, the whole church wraps its arms around one of the pinnacle figures of the entire Bible: King David the Renaissance man.  We will be intensely studying this warrior, statesman, athlete, musician, poet, king from every angle possible.  This will probably be the most comprehensive and in-depth Bible adventure that we have ever been on together.  Here is what you can expect:

a twelve week message series from stories you may know and others that will surprise you
a sixty-part devotional guide taking you through David's life and poetry in the Psalms
a twelve week Bible study on David's life in Journey Groups, Kids Connect and NC groups
a worship CD assembled from all of the different venues designed to point us to worship God through the lens of one of God's greatest worship poets: David.

This youngest child from an obscure village in Judah changed the course of Israel and the course of history.  God chose him, molded him, gave him amazing talent and formed his heart to serve him in all phases of life.  You can become more like this man after God's own heart by studying his life.  It all kicks off this Sunday, August 23, at the Old Mill Campus and Sunday, August 30, at Sarpy County.  Use the evite to invite friends and gear up for the adventure.