This Can't Be That Hard!

Two things help people meet Jesus more than anything else I've ever seen in my 20+ years of ministry.

1 - Let Jesus speak for himself.
2 - Let people discover him for themselves.

Pretty profound given how much we Christians can knock ourselves out trying to share the Gospel with others. Sometimes I get to thinking, "Maybe we're working too hard at this? Maybe Christ followers today are actually clogging up the connection between people who don't know God, and the Jesus who loves them and is pursuing them already."

Before you check out of this post, ask yourself this question, Christian: "If people need to meet Jesus for themselves, and if Jesus is already pursuing them, what am I supposed to do anyway?"

Many of us so badly want our friend or family member to meet Jesus, that we can come off like an annoying match-maker trying to get people we feel empathy for to meet Mr. Right and fall in love. Trust me, it's just not that complicated.

Don't get me wrong, our role is to introduce people to Jesus. It's the greatest priviledge in the world to do so! The question is, how do we best do that? How can we tap into the kind of joy we feel when we introduce two people we know well... and they actually hit it off on their own without us trying all that hard? Can we really trust people to like Jesus on their own without us trying so hard to sell him? That's what I want to know. Any thoughts?