What a Deal!

I can't believe how great of an event Step Out is.

As promised at the Sarpy Campus two weeks ago, I checked out the number of hours donated last year and the monetary value of the volunteerism from Step Out.

2008 - 6,000 participants averaging 4 hours of work = 24,000 total hours
2008 - estimated monetary value? $408,000.

Here is another tidbit. Total monetary value donated to the Omaha Metro area since Step Out began five years ago? $ 2 million.

I'm not only impressed with those figures but love the thought that those who participated got to know a ministry in a unique way and were able to get to know the other participants in a unique way too.

Besides, you get a t-shirt and a lunch.

For this Sunday there are 109 partipants registered to first eat lunch in the cafeteria at Lewis & Clark and then car pool to the five different sites in east Sarpy County.

May God use us to be a blessing!
May you be blessed by being a blessing!

Steve Walters
CCC-Sarpy Campus Pastor