Off to School

We are sending our 14 year old off to his first day of school today. Very wierd. Because for us, it is not just his first day of High School, it is his first day of school period. He's been homeschooled up until this point. So we did not send him out of the house to school at age 5, like most parents. I guess we're just slow.

It feels like we've been preparing 14 years for this day...14 years to work on education, character, relational skills, love of learning and now he's off. He's off to learn, grow, have fun, make friends, play tennis, meet girls, represent Christ, and influence Millard West. Last night we prayed together. This morning I prayed more...then blogged. It is a big day for him, but I wonder if it is a bigger day for me!

I know that today, hundreds of our kids will begin in the Millard Schools. Next week, hundreds more will start in OPS, in Bellvue, Papillion, Elkhorn and others. Lets pray for our kids this week and in the coming weeks. Let's pray for their protection, for their growth, for their influence. Let's pray that Omaha is a different place because of kids that come from godly families influencing the schools. I know I'll be praying this more than ever.