Coming Soon...David!

This summer, I have been making a special study of the life of David. We'll be exploring his life, his impact and what we can learn about relating to God from the perspective of a renaissance man in an all-church series called 'Where's God When...".

I always knew of David's extraoridinary giftedness. He is in a unique group of thinkers/leaders that makes him unparalleled in history. Michaelangelo, DaVinci, Beethoven, Napoleon, Tiger Woods...all rolled into one. That's David. Military hero, amazing king, brilliant politician, poet, musician...David did them all and in the top levels of execution.

What struck me this time going through the life of David was just how gritty he was. David was in desperate straits at many junctures in his life. He was a survivor. He spent a decade running from Saul with a renegade band of miscreants, murderers and misfits. He was sometimes found alone against the world. Once, he even sought refuge with a Philistine ruler in Gath. When things were not going well, he faked being crazy just to avoid being killed. He spent months/years in a cave of Judah called Adullam. He one time killed two hundred Philistines and cut off their foreskins just to impress Saul, and pay the bride price for Saul's daughter Michal. Imagine the scene of delivering that bride-price to the king!

David exhibited political savvy that is hard to fathom. He once tricked a Philistine king into believing him to be an ally...and even marched toward battle with this king. David had low military when his wives and family were kidnapped from Ziklag and all the city was burned. He had massive moments of victory, like when he captured the city of Jebus - unconquored for centuries.

Beyond all this, he made covenants with God that were fulfilled in his time, and in the ultimate King - Jesus who was yet to come. Most famously, he was known as a man after God's heart.

Do you get the idea that David was more than just a shepherd boy with five smooth stones?

Prepare to meet David at a whole new level. The series - messages, small groups and devotionals - will begin on August 23. If you are someone who is growing in your faith and you want to make the most of this series, I would recommend spending the next two weeks doing an overview of the life of David. Crack open the books of 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel. Read the broad timeline of David's life. If you read 20 minutes a day, you'll easily read through both books...maybe twice.

We'll do deep dives into episodes of David's life, but an overview will give you the full context for study. You can look forward to recieving the David devotional guide, notes pages, maps, lineages, timelines and group studies on Sunday, August 23. See you then!