Reveal Learnings - Day Three

Learning 3 – “Sharing Our Faith”

We are still growing in our outreach culture.

You may recall that last year’s survey had a huge gap in the evangelism area. When asked “How many spiritual conversations do you have with non-believers?”, only a small fraction (11%) said they have six or more. This year that number moved up to 25%. This is great progress, but still sad that only ¼ of our people verbally share their faith once every 60 days.

How do we change this?
1) Connect people vitally to Christ in such a way that they are excited about their faith in him. This happens in services, personal spiritual disciplines, and small groups.
2) Create events, serving opportunities, and venues that give our people something to talk about and something to invite friends to. Capitalize on “Considering Christianity”, International Ministries, Seeker Groups, Gathering and other venues that make these conversations easy.
3) Train more people in “Spiritual Intersections”

Want to talk more about the REVEAL survey? Your Management Team and
Governing Board members all have a copy and would be happy to talk to you!