Reveal Learnings - Day Two

Reveal Learnings

Back in March 2009, we took a survey called “REVEAL” to determine the strengths and weaknesses of Christ Community Church. 25 key CCC leaders then got all of the data in a 153 page document and distilled it into key learnings. The truth is, this was very long reading and many of the results were unremarkable, but there are several things worth noting. These key learnings were prayed through, grappled with, and analyzed by the Management Team and Governing Board. Below, you’ll find some of the top learnings and the action plans related to each.

As a side note, let me say thanks to the 700+ people that gave up 20-40 minutes to take the survey. Your insight and input is extraordinarily valuable. It helped move the leaders from a position of guessing what people think via relationships and anecdotes, to a place where we have real data to act upon. So thank you!

Learning 1 – “Helps me understand the Bible in depth”

The desire that was ranked the most important for CCC people is that the church would help them to understand the Bible in-depth.

The scale goes like this:
6 = Extremely Satisfied/Important
5 = Very Satisfied/Important
4 = Satisfied/Important
3 = Somewhat Satisfied
2 = Somewhat Dissatisfied
1 = Dissatisfied

On this scale, when asked “How important is it that CCC helps me understand the Bible in-depth?”, the ranking was a 5.6, or extremely important! When asked “How satisfied are you with CCC’s role in helping you understand the Bible in-depth?”, the answer was 4.5, or half-way between satisfied and very satisfied. Now, some churches might be ok with this, but the leaders see this as extremely important and would love to see the congregation “extremely satisfied”. So, where is the breakdown?

The first place to look would be Mark’s teaching. The satisfaction ratings on Mark were as follows:
Provides sound doctrine rooted in Biblical accuracy – 5.1
Preaches inspiring sermons – 5.0
Challenges congregants to grow and take next steps – 5.1
This would indicate that the average person is very satisfied. So, the teaching is considered a great strength when it comes to doctrine and the Bible.

The next place to look would be in Small Groups. Of those people in Small Groups, 64% said they were very satisfied or extremely satisfied that their group provided in-depth study of the Bible. Another 30% were satisfied.

Although classes were not ranked, there were classes offered last year to teach through the Bible, some on Sundays, others on Tuesday mornings, and Bible Study Fellowship, or “BSF”, on Thursdays. Two Sunday evening classes were taught by our local seminary professors. The options and opportunities for small group/class Bible Studies at CCC are numerous.

How about personal spiritual practices? Only 28% of our church practices daily reflection on scripture and only 27% participate in daily Bible reading. This seems to be the biggest missing element in people’s desire for Bible depth.

So, how do we increase this?
1) Offer classes that introduce people to Bible study, personal disciplines, and teach the Bible in a strong inductive format. This will model and teach what people can do at home. New classes related to this begin in the fall.
2) Teach people from the platform about Bible reading and memorization. (See “God Made You to Stick to His Word” – May 24, 2009.)
3) Help more people plug into Journey Groups.
4) Create an integrated fall series where messages, groups and personal devotions are wrapped into a single system, thereby creating incentive, momentum and simplicity in personal devotions, message excellence and small group dynamics. This series will begin August 23.