Is God Colorblind?

Back to my Encourage One Another note. Part of the frustration we feel in taking about social justice issues is how messy it can get. Many who have tried and tried to make an impact get tired of talking about it... get tired of trying things and seeing little results... get tired of all the guilt that surfaces when we focus on it.

Colorblindness is a messy word to toss around in the conversation. On the one hand if a person means that how we judge each other should not be based on color, that's a true statement. We need a whole lot of that in our world to get anywhere in the discussion. We need a healthy sense of overlooking the distinctions in order to get along, in order to work together, in order to address issues and build a better tomorrow.

However, colorblindness as our only strategy for figuring out what's going on is actually dangerous! If in response to the disparities that still exist in our city, we simply say "It doesn't matter what color you are," then you just sweep the picture under the rug and move on. You have to ask the color question otherwise you don't do anything about the fact that the vast majority of those stuck in poverty in our city are of a specific ethnic identity. You also blur the lines between those who are still hurting and those who are living a relatively advantaged experience. In the book of Acts chapter 6, the ethnic identities of widows being overlooked mattered a great deal to God and the early church. It was such a big deal that the ministry of God's word was literally shut down over it. Colorblindness did not help the early church solve that critical impasse.

The second reason colorblindness is a false lure is that it does an injustice to the diversity which God creates. Why would God create such diversity only to tell us to ignore it! We're to enjoy it! If we're too quick to sweep cultural differences under the rug we may be saying "I don't care about the diversity God's created - it's too hard to appreciate and relate to. I'll take my world monochrome, thank you!"

I really don't think God is colorblind. He loves what he creates. He creates in titanic proportions of diversity. He creates diversity and redeems it in his son Jesus. That's what Kingdom Color is about!