This Is Difficult to Talk About!

 The above "Note of Encouragement" wound up in my mailbox on Monday morning in response to our Kingdom Color Series and my message in particular. They tell preachers to never gage how they feel about ministry on Monday mornings. I suppose this kind of note is why that's the case. I'll let you read it here. We'll talk about it in my next post. I think the person responding like this has missed more than one critical point of my message. I'm curious if you have a reaction to it. Here's what my nameless brother wrote me in case you can't read the writing in the image:

That was the most depressing liberal message, that I have ever heard at this church. Thank you for the condemning messages the last two weeks. MLK taught that we should judge each other by their conduct, not by the color of their skin. God doesn't view us based on the color of our skin."

Maybe we should change the header on our comment cards...