The Power of a Picture

In Sunday's message we made reference to a photograph of one of those ugly, dark events that plagues our vision of racial healing. There was no mention made of when that event happened. Wonder of wonders that this morning when I looked at the cover story of the Omaha World Herald I noticed the very same picture!

If you want the background on what happened check out the article yourself entitled "Lest we Forget our History". Its easy to think that perhaps the worst race relations uprisings took place somewhere in the deep South, but our city of Omaha has it's own history we are still struggling to reconcile.

The most amazing thing about the picture is how it hits you when you see the whole photo un-cropped! If you do a little research on it you'll find it, but realize it is a picture of horrific brutality. Once you see the whole picture the most jarring thing is the expression on people's faces. You can look it up on Wikipedia article if you want all the details.