Back Yard Bible Club and You

I want to thank you for the privilege of being a part of Christ Community Church. I saw ministry at work last week in Beaver Lake. I saw the White's open their home to the neighborhood families to "bring the church to them." The 18 children who participated in the week experienced God's love in a big back yard. The games, songs, activities and lessons all pointed to how much God loved and cared for each of them.
I also saw a block party on Friday that was fun, relaxing and showing God's love in a different way. There wasn't a lesson, except in serving the neighborhood with a free barbeque of hamburgers, hot dogs and all the trimmings. Kids played games and all received prizes. Parents were able to meet the leaders and the White's over a meal. I drove away with the Block Party team sweaty, smelling like a barbeque, but smiling and thankful for a chance to serve God alongside such a caring, loving church body.

On the journey,
Steve Walters
CCC-Sarpy Campus Pastor