Leading the Dream - Seven Kinds of People

Here were my points at the conclusion of Sunday's message on what it means to be a leader in the area of cross-cultural relationships and reconciliation. In my 20+ years of ministry experience I've seen a lot of things come and go. What does the church really need to move ahead in this big area? Here's my top Seven:

1 - People who are already leaders in their church, profession or community. Are you willing to make reconciliation a part of your leadership agenda?

2 - People who have taken the courageous step into the experience of multi-ethnic marriages and families.

3 - People committed to deep friendships across cultural differences. Anybody can make an acquaintance, can you keep a friend ... for life?

4 - People willing to engage in big needs, not just make short excursions into brief volunteer efforts. Pick a need and make an impact over the course of several years.

5 - High School and College Students! Make strategic choices about what you study and major in. Graduates, make kingdom-minded choices about where you'll live and work.

6 - People who lead are people who persevere in an attitude of grace and forgiveness. Regardless your color, if reconciliation is what you're committed to, you'll get hurt in the process. Choose forgiveness. Choose grace.

7 - People can not effectively lead without committing to being life-long learners. Get yourself informed, learn the race relations history of your community, know the needs and stay in touch with them.