Leadership Summit

It is coming! August 6-7 is the Leadership Summit. For me, the leadership summit, is jet-fuel in my engine. I have gone every year for 10 years now. I never miss because God meets me there. I have leadership challenges to tackle every day, every month, every year. When I go, I am exposed to Godly, brilliant leaders sharing their best life lessons. The Summit makes me a better leader.

About 40-50 staff and leaders from CCC go every year. Kelle is coming. Elders are coming. I have brought hundreds of people over the years and have never heard a person that was disappointed. It is very inexpensive and it is local (Brookside Church). Speakers include Tony Blair, Bill Hybels, David Gergen, Tim Keller and others. Do you want to come?

It does not matter if your leadership is in the home, the business world, the church, or education. You will be a better leader by meeting with God and hearing brilliant leaders at the summit. If you want to sign up with the CCC group rates, call my assistant Jannie at 402-330-3360.

Some clips of this year's speakers