God's Pain-relief Strategy

It would be one thing if God simply walked away from humanity when we spoiled his creation. Paul's letter to the Romans shows us that in fact God had to give us over the consequences of our rebellion - but that he has done so only to a degree. Giving us over fully to the consequences of disobedience would be exaclty what we deserve. Hell is the cosmic trash-heap earth and all it's broken reality could have wound up in. But he's stopped short of that. He's got something else in mind. But where does he start. This place is enough of a mess as is!

His strategy, in a word, is called Incarnation. Incarnation in a word means God showed his face at the scene of the cosmic disaster we refer to as The Fall (mankind's plunge into self-willed rebellion). His ultimate solution? Go to ground zero and risk everything to clean it up. We'd all struggle with a God who simply sat in heaven and let our sin scarred planet rot under its own self-destructive impulses. Instead, God came here in the form of a vulnerable human being. In word, that's the incarnation. And its a strategy he expects his followers to employ as well!

This week at Gathering we'll turn the corner on our conversation about suffering and evil to look at how Jesus is God's answer to the problem. John Parsons, director of the Omaha Street School will be our guest presenter. John's a guy who understands God's incarnational pain-relief strategy. Come give him listen, grab a lunch and join the conversation.